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Thanks for the Mammaries

Thanks for the Mammaries

Thanks for the mammaries

Thanks for the mammaries

Yes thankyou thankyou thankyou – and our partners in life also say thankyou for the mammaries – Something that is very close to our hearts here at CC & BLR are breasts, or as known in our house ‘breasticles’. And as October is National Breast Cancer month it has got us thinking, you could say we have boobs on the brain. Over the years our boobs have gone through amazing journeys. We have many friends at the moment getting new boobs, we have other friends that are at the stage where they are using their boobs to nourish a gorgeous new life and we have others that are just wondering what all the fuss is about. So what stage are your boobs at? Do you pay attention to them? Do others pay attention to them? Or are they just something that fills your top?

Lets get all of the nicknames out of the way first. Breasts can also be known as jugs, tits, knockers, the girls, funbags, sweater meat, love melons, cans, ear muffs, honkers, stacks and the list goes on…. Let us know some of your favourites.

Sometime called weapons of mass erection boobs seem to have this amazing power over the opposite sex so lets start there.  Breasts are composed of both fat and glandular breast tissue. Anatomically, they’re sort of like bunches of grapes in Jello — the grapes are the glands and the Jello is the fat. It is sometimes amazing to us girls can be so arousing for men, they are, after all, just big bags of fat: fat in any other place is normally seen as far less attractive.

Are males obsessed with breasts?? You tell me.

Are males obsessed with breasts?? You tell me.

 There are many reasons for the attraction but it also dates back to prehistoric days. When prehistoric people had to choose the right mates to make healthy and strong children to hunt and work to support the family and the parents when they got unable to hunt as they got old. It was important to choose a healthy mate and the physical appearances of the people was how they decided who would be healthy to make healthy children. Since the women had to feed the babies milk from their breasts, it was natural for men to look for women with healthy breasts, and that became part of what was more attractive to the males. So putting the hunting and gathering aside here is my theory; They are different, boys don’t have them so they find them fascinating. My first boyfriend and I used to discuss what we would do if we could swap genders for the day. His answer was “I would sit around and play with my boobs ALL DAY” as I believe most males would if given the chance. Males are visual creatures so they like to look oh and of course they are also kinesthetic so they like to feel. Lets face it they like to look, touch, taste, and cover all senses possible. Many males out there receive pleasure from giving pleasure so will be attracted to breasts as they know by stimulating them they will be providing pleasure.  Along with the above reasons in this day and age a lot of the attraction can be put down to social conditioning.

Moving right along onto the ownership issue. First they are yours, then they become your partners, then they become your babies, then comes the difficult bit, your partner wants them back again and for some women this transition can be very difficult. Stimulation feels different and the purpose of the breast become blurred. All of a sudden they go from a pleasure object to a survival object and then back to a pleasure object. The important thing to do here is to recognise the transition and to discuss it with your partner  and even other women as no doubt they have gone through similar circumstances. Give it time and your breasts will help you guide the way.

Embrace your feminity, embrace your breasts...

Embrace your feminity, embrace your breasts…

Which Breast is best?- Now there was a time when I though fake boobs and plastic surgery were only for the conceited and the vein but let me tell you as soon as I finish educating the kidlets (or win copious amounts of money, whichever comes first) I will be banging that plastic surgeons door down. There are many reasons women get plastic surgery, mine is being 5 foot 10 a B cup and breast fed 3 kids something needs to be down about the empty socks with coins in the end of them so I will be up for a reconstruction and a implant to fill out the tissue. A friend who is a personal trainer is all muscle and basically had nothing but nipples so she just had day surgery and we were out christening ‘the girls’ the following weekend. Her clothes now look fantastic and she is even feeling more feminine than she did before which is very exciting. Another friend was the opposite she had such large breasts and they were causing severe neck and back pain so she had a reduction and now her clothes fit her better, she is in less pain and her self esteem and confidence has gone through the roof. I think that is a pretty good reason in itself don’t you?

So during this National Month of Breast Cancer embrace your boobs or someone elses if that take your fancy. They are amazing part of our anatomy that have many different and important functions if not to simply make us or others feel good. We are lucky to have them as there are many women who have lost one or both and some even their lives. There is a horrific practice going on in cameroon called ‘Breasts Ironing’. Breast ironing is the act of pounding the developing breasts of prepubescent girls with hot objects to stop them from growing. Read more here.

Jump on the breast cancer website, show your support as we are by attending some girls night in functions this month. Check yours regularly for abnormalities and look after your bits.

“I came, I saw, I came.”

~ Julius Caesar on Boobs

“Nine out of ten guys like boobs.One likes the other nine guys.”

~ Bill Nye on boobsfeelboobies`2011`10

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